How can creativity make a difference?

I’ve worked for just about every kind of non-profit and I get it. Money is tight, staff is overworked, but everyone is there for the same reason - to make a difference. At every non-profit I worked at, I was a bit of an anomaly. Someone who knew how to use the Adobe Creative Suite who could also take beautiful images with her dSLR camera that she lugged around everywhere? Who was this chick? But over time, every single non-profit saw the value of having a creative on their side. I put my skills to work in fundraising, in events, and in marketing. The organization’s followings on social media grew and the need for creativity in the non-profit world grew even more.

So, I started Good Heart Creative. I know full well that some non-profits are small. They might not have the resources to hire a full-time creative or the time train the staff they currently have to use creative tools. That’s where GHC comes in. Services are offered “a la cart” and are affordable. We’re willing to work with you on a budget and can also discuss payment plans.

Not a non-profit? Our services are still for you! All we strive for is that you help us show off the love and joy in this world.

We’ve helped shine the light on non-profits, small businesses, and individuals and we’re just getting started. I hope that we can connect soon and make a difference together.

Thanks for having a good heart,

Leah Backo

Founder of Good Heart Creative